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                                          Stock Code:837605

                                          • +886 2 2586 5201
                                          • +852 60684790

                                          Our Team

                                          Cloud technology experts, the largest SFDC certified resources in Greater China, the methodology of innovative customer experience, and the ability to help customers innovate
                                          • Duties CEO
                                          • Introduction in 2007, got into the cloud computing software industry, is China's first group of people aware of cloud computing, has been nearly 10 years of cloud computing software implementation Management experience.
                                          • Duties VP & GM of Real Estate Department and Guangzhou
                                          • Introduction In 2005 began to engage in the field of CRM research and development, implementation, project management class work. The enterprise information technology, especially in the field of customer relations have a profound understanding of the project floor, the value of information technology
                                          • Duties VP & GM of North China
                                          • Introduction One of the founders of Celnet founded in 2002 with other founders, was responsible for leading the R & D team, dedicated to the company's independent intellectual property rights product development
                                          • Duties VP & GM of Strategic Development
                                          • Introduction One of the founders of Celnet, with 6 years of salesforce sales experience and IT project experience, is Salesforce certified sales cloud, service cloud consultant.
                                          • Duties GM of Employee and Customer Success
                                          • Introduction Graduated from East China University of Science and Technology, has long been engaged in SFDC project implementation, with 5 years Salesforce project implementation experience and 7 years IT project experience, is Salesforce certified sales cloud consultant.
                                          • Duties Sales VP
                                          • Introduction More than 10 years of experience in CRM industry, with experience in implementation, management and successful delivery of multi-industry and large and medium-sized projects, and also made outstanding contributions to team formation and management.
                                          • Duties GM of Taiwan
                                          • Introduction Long-term commitment to the enterprise information industry, CRM sales, management, development experience, insist on providing the best solutions to customers, leading the Taiwan team to create high performance.
                                          • Duties Principal Consultant and GM of Marketing
                                          • Introduction Senior professional manager with nearly 25 years of work experience. He has worked for the world-renowned companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Hanshang Samsung Electronics and Pudao Yonghua. Specializes in major customer management and channel operations.
                                          • Duties GM of Guangzhou
                                          • Introduction Committed to CRM SAAS research, with the help of information and digital means to improve the management level of sales management; has more than 7 years of management software implementation, delivery management experience
                                          • Duties VP&GM of East China
                                          • Introduction With more than 10 years of management experience, specializing in advisory sales, overall business management
                                          • Duties GM of Shenzhen
                                          • Introduction 6 years of customer service experience, CRM industry experience, software development, implementation, project management, pre-sales consultants, key account managers, sales, team management. Have a complete work experience.
                                          • Duties Deputy GM, Taiwan Business Unit
                                          • Introduction With more than 10 years of cross-CRM, e-commerce website and other sales and marketing system project implementation experience for nine years of CRM management and import success.