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                                                                          Stock Code:837605

                                                                          • +886 2 2586 5201
                                                                          • +852 60684790

                                                                          Real estate marketing extension tools

                                                                          Construction of real estate-related industries with customer-centric multi-channel full-contact marketing closed-loop


                                                                          Real estate show


                                                                          Project information


                                                                          Make an appointment


                                                                          Broker hero list




                                                                          Recommended buy


                                                                          Essay sharing


                                                                          Referral registered




                                                                          Buy house knowledge


                                                                          Business background

                                                                          After nearly two decades of extensive development, the real estate industry, as a national pillar industry, is gradually entering the fine management stage. In the era of customer experience of Internet, how to transform into a truly customer-centric customization company has become a major topic in the real estate industry.

                                                                          Business challenges

                                                                          1.Treasure a good home But no way
                                                                          2. Take the initiative to leads difficult
                                                                          3.conversion rate is not high
                                                                          4.the initiative to open up the source difficultly

                                                                          Application product

                                                                          1.Salesforce 1 Platform
                                                                          3.WeChat service account integration


                                                                          1.Provide a convenient platform for the owners
                                                                          2.Complete grasp of sales
                                                                          3.WeChat + APP /SFDC platform


                                                                          1.Increase the degree of adhesion
                                                                          2.Active messaging
                                                                          3. Brand satisfaction to enhance
                                                                          4.Mining customer data
                                                                          5.Opportunities are transparent

                                                                          Advantages of Celnet

                                                                          Have a lot of successful in benchmark real estate industry
                                                                          The fastest project go-life
                                                                          Integrate the maximum amount of data