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                                                                  Stock Code:837605

                                                                  • +886 2 2586 5201
                                                                  • +852 60684790

                                                                  More interaction, more care

                                                                  Salesforce helps healthcare companies set new standards for health care

                                                                  Medical industry:With the Salesforce platform, contact the new customers, so that patients and doctors can more easily access to real-time information

                                                                  Industry background

                                                                  At present, China has surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest pharmaceutical power. But the following problems exist

                                                                  1. Pharmaceutical enterprises, small, scattered, chaotic problems, technology and development level is far lower than the advanced countries

                                                                  2. Domestic pharmaceutical companies research investment is weak, pharmaceutical technology innovation and scientific and technological achievements of the industrialization mechanism has not yet fully formed

                                                                  3. The pharmaceutical circulation system is not perfect, the dealer management is weak

                                                                  Challenges it faces

                                                                  1.The pharmaceutical industry product line is many, many business departments of different processes, management requirements are inconsistent; resulting in the pharmaceutical industry SFE departments require rapid response to the needs of the system and IT systems can not quickly support the formation of obstacles to business development bottlenecks

                                                                  2.The pharmaceutical industry is now more and more need to support mobile devices, many medical representatives often shuttle in the major hospitals to visit doctors, no time to return to the office to summarize the day's work

                                                                  3.Drug sales in China mainly rely on channel distributors, but the lack of unified management of the system, the majority of dealer data to rely on forms of form. Serious dealer orders, inventory management confusion, and serious inventory transshipment


                                                                  1.With the salesforce platform, unified management of business master data, such as customers, contacts. Through the sale of hospital relationship management, so that the same hospital sales of different product lines in the follow-up sales opportunities, an independent sales process, do not interfere with each other

                                                                  2.With salesforce partner community, build a unified management platform for dealers, dealers on the platform to achieve orders, approval, drug flow and other information management. So that companies can see the major real-time dealer's pharmaceutical inventory and drug flow situation

                                                                  3.Set up a medical device inventory management platform, for some of the equipment leased to the hospital, inventory management. Management equipment application, requisition, delivery, return, scrapped and other information

                                                                  4.With the salesforce platform, set the hospital, the doctor's grading system, according to a certain, configurable rules to calculate the hospital, the doctor's classification, resulting in the corresponding mission

                                                                  5.Calculate the KPI and bonus of the sales representative on a quarterly basis with business data. So that sales representatives can see their own performance data in real time