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                                          Stock Code:837605

                                          • +886 2 2586 5201
                                          • +852 60684790

                                          Innovation exists in our genes

                                          Regardless of the industry from which you are, we have experts to understand the specific challenges facing your industry and to understand the importance of meeting customer needs.

                                          Property services industry:Build customer service management platform of property related industry with property satisfaction as the core

                                          Estate-Related industry:Construction of real estate-related industries with customer-centric multi-channel marketing closed-loop

                                          Manufacturing Industry:Manufacture a whole new kind of customer success.Move beyond the product with personalized service at scale

                                          Education industry:With the CRM system for internal membership management, external publicity ideas, so that organizations to better work

                                          Electricity industry:E-commerce companies urgently need a solution that meets the needs of fast business growth and dynamic expansion

                                          Medical industry:With the Salesforce platform, contact the new customers, so that patients and doctors can more easily access to real-time information

                                          FMCG industry:Salesforce helps enterprises carry out business activities, so that enterprises and customers before the contact more closely

                                          Wealth industry: Salesforce CRM system enables easy interaction with customers, creating opportunities and improve sales efficiency