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                                                                          Stock Code:837605

                                                                          • +886 2 2586 5201
                                                                          • +852 60684790

                                                                          Our Service

                                                                          We use these specially designed training, consulting, support, to help customers take full advantage of the platform, improve productivity and promote the return on investment

                                                                          We use Celnet full range of professional services and industry experience, provide targeted solutions to help customers analyze and set the winning strategy

                                                                          Based on our experience, operational excellence can help accelerate the pace of new product development, improve cross-departmental execution, and improve the success rate of achieving strategic goals

                                                                          We help our clients develop areas of higher-growth growth and business innovation that drive growth and profitability by improving development efficiency and managing complex business processes

                                                                          We provide innovative solutions for enterprises to effectively protect the success of the project, we are helping enterprises from the breadth to the depth of information technology construction of long-term partners

                                                                          The ADM201 is the most popular and essential basic training course for Salesforce, which will help you solve complex business problems and learn more about the Salesforce CRM capabilities.

                                                                          Trained by the Salesforce official certification training instructor throughout the Chinese language teaching; join the Salesforce training course, you will learn more about the Salesforce feature and enhance your CRM skills